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When you combine superior wellness products with a lucrative commission structure, great things happen. The wellness industry is booming, and CBD is a very exciting part of it. We provide support and training and our Affiliate team work together as we each move forward in our personal and professional growth.

We build our businesses on solid principles of superior product at a great price to the consumer and a rewarding commission to the Affiliate.

We love what we do and we succeed by sharing- utilising the power of personal recommendation.To speak with us about our business opportunity leave your details below or email us at

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Wholesale Opportunity for Santolio UK

The CBD industry is booming- predicted to be worth a billion in the UK by 2025. (Centre for Medicinal Cannabis (2019) CBD in the UK Report [online] at

Demand for great product is high and we supply exceptional CBD that customers come back time and time again for!

We offer Wholesale opportunities for both online and offline retailers, please contact us using the contact box above or email and we will get back to you with more information.