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CBD & the Endocannabinoid System

The human endocannabinoid system, or ECS, is the regulatory mechanism responsible for maintaining the homeostatic or homeostasis balance in the body.

The main function of the endocannabinoid system is to deliver messages, so that if that something changes, the body can react by sending a signal via one of its messenger molecules. These messenger molecules within the endocannabinoid system are called endocannabinoids.

There are at least two known cannabinoid receptors – CB1 which is in the central nervous system, and CB1, which is in the peripheral nervous system (nerves in your extremities), the digestive system, and specialised cells in the immune system for example. These are found and work all over the body.

The cannabinoid molecules deliver their message by binding to these cannabinoid receptors which triggers a cascade of reactions that promote homeostasis and address imbalances within the body. Your Endocannabinoid System supports all body Homeostasis (balance) – it supports each part of your body be that digestive, cognitive, hormonal etc to function as it should.

They discovered the cannabinoid receptors in Humans mirrored those in Plants- these cannabinoids are called Phytocannabinoids and are abundantly found in the Cannabis Sativa L Hemp plant. Consuming a great quality CBD product is the best way to feed your Endocannabinoid System and experience the vast wellness benefits. Our customers report fantastic benefits such as great quality Sleep and Energy Levels, Calm and Uplifted Mood, great Digestion, Mobility and Supple Joints to name a few.


Debbie Clark

‘So being honest CBD was something I didnt know much about or had heard many people speak of.I got in touch with someone about it and done 2 months of research on the health benefits and the company. Eventually I decided I had to try it. I now wish I didn't wait for 2 months as CBD has really helped me.I'm taking 3 drops of the No.5 every morning and night. In general, I feel so much better but my sleep, has never been better. I'm getting such a good sleep and the best part is that I don't wake up feeling sluggish. It's great!Would definitely recommend, such a great product and company’

Di Thomas

“I have been taking Sant Olio CBD oil for 2 weeks now, I must say am very pleased in that I sleep better, but the most important for me is the fact that it stops my sensitivity to the high Pollen count, sneezing incessantly and streaming eyes, plus of course a positive effect on my overall welless, helping to build my immune system, this I feel is important for me too, especially after these last few months. I would highly recommend this gorgeous Oil, you should at least try it.”

Faye Richards

‘You know that saying, "you don't realise what you got till it's gone" well this bottle of Sant Olio No5 cannabinoid and terpene oil has made me remember how amazing I used to feel on my food supplement and taken it one step more. I work in a challenging sales in my day job and I've been able to control my emotions so much better, and my mood is so calm. My sleep is deep and undisturbed, I’m waking feeling rested and my energy levels are great! Already only after a few days on this wonder No5 oil I'm getting amazing benefits.’

Lisa Foskett

‘I’ve been using CBD products for over 2 years & I’ve tried a number of different brands.Sant Olio is by far the best quality CBD I’ve used, from taking the first drop you can really taste the quality of the oil & my sleep pattern has dramatically improved. I’m waking up feeling refreshed, I’ve had a great nights sleep & I’m no longer waking up 2 & 3 times a night. I’m also finding I drift off to sleep much easier & I’m not lying awake tossing & turning trying to get to sleep.I’ve also noticed my mood seems better too & overall I’m feeling more balanced.’

Sharon Everett

I've been taking Sant olio's No 5 in Natural for around 3 weeks. Firstly my sleep has improved. I've never had great sleep as my bladder wakes me 2-3 times a night due to my condition. That said it's the quality of my sleep in between those wakeful times that's improved. I've noticed I'm dreaming more which means I'm getting into a deep deep sleep when I am asleep. When I haven't set the alarm I can sleep for 9 hours which is unheard of! Also my fingernails are growing like mad and stronger too, which I was surprised about as prior to lockdown i'd had acrylics on them for 18 months. I suffered a couple of split nails due to the removal of them but since taking the oil they're much better.Love the taste of the natural and the coolness of it being kept in the fridge.The oil is such an amazing price you'd be daft not to try it....