Luna Wellbeing is a brand-new UK company that advocate Wellness for Body and Spirit. We provide beautiful products that are effective, grown and made as clean and naturally as possible. At the heart of what we do is promoting holistic balance each day; we provide excellent products that work and make a huge difference to the lives of our customers and business affiliates.

We believe that love and advocacy of great product is key to building. We provide an excellent commission structure and supportive business environment for affiliates to learn, grow and succeed within.

Take a look at our affiliate program page to learn a bit more about how you can align with us and build your own business with our products.

CBD and Wellness are the future

My name is Sarah St Clair and I started within the UK CBD and Cannabis industry in 2018. I am very passionate about the Cannabis plant, and in particular the beautiful Hemp plant of which our CBD products are derived. During my time I have been so fortunate to work with some of the best people in the UK industry and have supplied product and support to thousands of customers and business affiliates.

I believe wellness starts with plants, balance, self-love and growth and Luna Wellbeing is about advocating great products that love and nurture us as beings holistically; mind, body and spirit.

My own personal journey with CBD has brought me to starting Luna Wellbeing- I previously worked as a Midwife, before leaving to work for a UK Cannabis investment company. I built and ran a CBD Wellness Direct Selling company for them with my excellent business affiliates. I am now very excited to be in a position to offer a superior product and business platform that is financially rewarding and keeps advocacy for Cannabis, Wellness and Growth at its heart.

CBD holds many keys to Wellbeing and balance – I love learning about the Endocannabinoid System and sharing this with others.

You can read about my own personal journey with CBD, and the experiences of our customers and business affiliates and learn about how CBD can bring physical, cognitive and emotional balance to your body.

Sarah, Company Director.